Gathering 2018 History Video Available

The community video from the Gathering plenaries are available on YouTube and via the PW Website. Here is the link:
If you have not already subscribed to the Presbyterian Women channel, please do so.  You will automatically get new alerts in your email about new videos that PW adds when you subscribe.  Here’s the Presbyterian Women YouTube channel link:
If you search Presbyterian Women in the YouTube search area, you’ll see other videos of possible interest.



One thought on “Gathering 2018 History Video Available

  1. Dear Anita,
    I am so impressed with your emails and updates.
    Is it easy to make a Blog so When I communicate with our local PW – specifically the Egyptian American churches and communities I represent across the nation – they know immediately about PW rather than me/ or just my church info? Thank you.

    Suzy Ramzy


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